Call of Champions Game for the iOS

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas or MOBA games have become quite popular nowadays. MOBA hasn’t picked up steam until the first Dota game was released. Since then, it spawned a number of games of the same genre in various platforms.

Today, we are going to talk about the Call of Champions Game for the iOS. Apple’s flagship mobile phones have pretty impressive specs under the hood, and the Spacetime Studios LLC, the game developers of this game, have utilized the phone’s prowess in order to deliver one of the best games for the iOS platform.

Before I talk more about the Call of Champions Game for the iOS, here are the game’s features:

  • Compete around the world in lightning fast strategic five-minute matches.
  • Receive a FREE Champion in your first week of play ($4.00 USD value).
  • Unlock and command over 15 Champions spanning five iconic classes and eight unique Realms.
  • Push the “Orb of Death” on a track in a thrilling tug-of-war to take down towers. No waiting on minions.
  • Grab power-ups for yourself or fight for board control to share power-ups with your team. No item shop required.
  • Customize your Champion to suit your playstyle through a novel Talent Tree.
  • Watch friends and pros duke it out in Spectator Mode. Follow players, Pause, and Instant Replay. You control the playback!
  • Never lose a game to drops. A.I. instantly fills in for players who need to take a call or reply to a text.

The Call of Champions Game for the iOS is, as I’ve said earlier, one of the best MOBA games to ever hit the Apple app store. This is because the game is free to play, forever! That means that, although there are in-game purchases, the game is playable even if you do not pay for anything!

When you play this Apple flagship mobile phone game, you will be given a complimentary free hero that is worth $4 in your first week of playing the game. There are a total of 15 champions (or heroes if that’s what you want to call it) in the game, and according to the game developers, there will be more champions coming in future updates.

The game pretty much has the same mechanics of any other MOBA game with one unique distinction: each match is spans only 5 minutes in total. You see, most MOBA games such as League of Legends, for example, sometimes have 30-minute games which can be quite of a chore for casual gamers.

Call of Champions Game for the iOS mobile phones, however, only spans 5 minutes which is a treat for pro and casual players alike.

There are in-game purchases that allow you to buy new heroes, new customized skins, and many more.

No wonder Call of Champions Game for the iOS gained so much traction since its inception, this game just truly rocks! If you’re addicted to MOBA games and you want to play one on your Apple mobile phone, then you must try the Call of Champions Game for the iOS out.