Different types of hCG diets

With so many hCG diets on the market today it can be hard to figure out which one of the hCG diets is right for you. There actually is no wrong or right choice as it ultimately depends on the personal preference. You should look up the information for the different types of hCG that you can take. There is the shot form of hCG while there is also the form of an oral option. The use of hCG drops is one option.

The newest trend on the market today for the hCG diet is the form of the patch. There is also the option of the diet sprays and more. It will depend on which method you would prefer to take per day instead of following a strict diet with high levels of exercise.

The original method of the hCG diet would be the injection of the form of hCG where the muscle would be injected where a good amount of blood is.
This method would allow for someone to get the hCG in their body quicker therefore allowing for the body to react quicker to the diet. The problem with this method however was the fact that you had to find a needle which was ideal for the size of your body as well as the amount of hCG that you should take per day. You would have to inject the hCG into your thigh or directly into the muscle of the buttocks.

When you use the injection method however there was only the need to take the injection once per day whereas other methods are going to require repeated amounts of hCG throughout the day. You can obtain a prescription from your doctor or the clinic you visit for all of your health care needs. If you are in a country other than where you can obtain this stuff legally, you always have the option of ordering overseas and waiting for the shipment to arrive.

If you have a fear of needles which most people do, you might opt for the dissolving under the tongue method. This will involve the same levels of hCG as you would take by injection however you would take smaller doses twice a day. You have to make sure that the oral method is done exactly 12 hours apart and that you place the fluid underneath your tongue while waiting for the hCG to work which takes at the very least 5 minutes. You should then not eat or drink following it for at least 15 minutes. You combine this with the 500 calories per day and you can expect to see results.

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